Ecological Synthesizing Centre

Ecological Synthesizing Centre – East (ESC-V) is a research and consulting company, created to assist industries, ecological organizations and governmental bodies in the Russian Federation and CIS countries to meet the requirements of some international agreements on toxic substances. Taking into account the growing interest among industries in non-EU countries about the EU Regulation REACH, the Centre has started the development of a REACH information services "REACH-ECOVOSTOK".

"REACH-ECOVOSTOK" is focused on the following practical services for industries in non - EU countries (Russian Federation, Ukraine, The Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries):

  •     on-line information on REACH Regulation and RIPs
  •     impact of REACH on company
  •     preparing individual companies to face REACH requirements
  •     identifying chemical substances, preparations, intermediates, articles
  •     searching and collecting available information on substances
  •     performing modeling of environmental fate for substances of very high concern
  •     support of REACH through Information Technologies 
  •     questions and answers (Q&A)
  •     advice/assistance to companies in:
        – inventory of chemical substances
        – classification and labeling of dangerous substances
        – preparing Safety Data Sheets
        – preparing Technical Dossiers and Chemical Safety Reports
        – selection "Only Representative" in EU countries
        – workshops (we had hold more then 10 workshops during last year, which were attended by representatives of more then 100 Russian and CIS
           countries enterprises from various industry sectors).

Our staff have experience in research activities under a number of international bodies and programs (WMO, WHO, AMAP, UNEP) and EU projects connected with study of physical-chemical properties of substances, their behaviour in various environmental compartments, and in preparation of substances dossiers for international fora and environmental modeling.

The ESC-E collaborates with wide range of research organizations and industrial companies.

Eco-East is looking for cooperation with consulting and service companies in the European Union. We bring to the table our expertise in REACH issues combined with intimate knowledge about local industry and trade practices.  Our fluency in the regional dialects and languages helps to overcome common hurdles of communication between the manufacturer in non - EU countries and the customer in the European Union.

Our  location in Moscow makes it convenient for our staff to interact with local manufacturers. Moscow being a modern and thriving cosmopolis also makes it convenient for our clients in the European Union. We provide our clients single window service and we open up a vast network of manufacturing industry for them.

Our friendly staff are fluent in English. Please feel free to give us a call and speak with one of us.

Tel. +7 495 723-4754
Tel. / Fax +7 495 967-9662
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address:  Russian Federation, 125368, Moscow, 3  Mitinskiy pereulok, 7, 281 

Контактная информация

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АНО ЭСЦ "Восток"

Экологический синтезирующий центр «Восток» специализируется на оказании содействия промышленным предприятиям стран — не членов ЕС в реализации требований законодательства REACH.