1. Provision of advisory services to importers on the implementation of the requirements of TR EAEU 041/2017:

- consultations on the provisions of the Regulation,  provision of information as the development and entry into force of documents ensuring the operation of the Regulation;

- consulting and performing the functions of the “applicant” when conducting an inventory of products in the  Russian Federation carried out in accordance with the Methodological Recommendations of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade in the State Industry Information System (GISP);

- development of safety data sheets for chemical products in accordance with GOST 30333-2007.


2. Full range of services under the EU REACH regulation.


3. Development of Technical Specifications (ТУ) and Organization Standards (СТО):

Development of Specifications in accordance with GOST R 1.3-2018 “Specifications for products. General requirements for the content, design, designation and updating "and registration of catalog sheets of products in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise" Standartinform "

* examination of projects of technical documentation for the production of products - Technical conditions (TU) and Standards of organizations (STO)
* Expertise and approval of existing TU, STO and changes to them
* Advisory assistance in the development and approval of TU and STO
* Development of product catalog sheets (KLP)
* Registration of KLP

The terms and cost of registration of TU depend on the type of product and are determined individually.


4. Certificates of State Registration (СГР):

The certificate of state registration (SGR) is an official document that certifies that a product (substance, material, device, device) that has passed the state registration procedure fully complies with all sanitary and hygienic standards established in the territory of the member countries of the Customs Union. State registration of products is a procedure that, since July 1, 2010, has replaced the sanitary and epidemiological examination. From that moment on, on the territory of the Russian Federation and the member countries of the Customs Union, certificates of state registration were issued instead of hygienic certificates for goods subject to state registration.

Goods subject to state registration: only those goods (products, substances, materials, etc.) that have been identified in the section of the list of products subject to mandatory sanitary inspection on the territory of the Russian Federation are subject to the procedure for compulsory registration of a certificate of state registration. The specified list is regulated by the Decision of the Customs Union Commission No. 299 dated May 28, 2010. Without a completed certificate of state registration for goods for which the state registration procedure is mandatory, it is impossible to obtain a certificate of conformity (declaration of conformity), and, therefore, to carry out legal distribution of this product or product in the territory of the Russian Federation. The goods are registered in the register of Rospotrebnadzor.

The terms and cost of registration of SGR depend on the type of product and are determined individually.

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ANO Ecological Synthesizing Centre - EAST 

Assistance to importers in meeting requirements TR EAEU 041/2017